Studies show that children learn differently than adults and have different daily needs than adults have. Our daily child care schedule is designed to make the most of these differences and meet the needs of your child by providing a flexible, balanced routine that maximizes learning through play. Our environment is arranged into different interest areas which enable your child to explore and develop at his or her own level. 

Our daily schedule is flexible, yet carefully designed to promote your child's development and creativity through a balance of educational, stimulating and fun activities. Following a daily schedule helps children feel secure because they can depend on a consistent routine and predict the events of each day. The daily schedule also helps you understand how your child spends his or her day. Each day is mostly child-directed; not guided by the clock.  Daily activities include:

Celebrating Holidays:

Children look forward to holidays and enjoy celebrating them each year. We celebrate Valentine's Day, Easter, Fourth of July, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and each child's  birthday. You are always welcome to come and celebrate holidays and birthdays with us, or to send a treat to help us celebrate.

Taking Walks in the Neighborhood:

We  take walks around the neighborhood to enjoy the scenery and see how familiar landmarks are changed by the seasons. 

Music and Dance:

We incorporate singing and dancing in our daily schedule.  This is by far the best time of the day for the kids.  We use old familiar songs as well as new and exciting ones.

Free Play

We make sure that each day kids are allowed time to play on their own and with each other.  This time allows kids to develop social skills including sharing, cooperating and building relationships.

Arts and Crafts

During this time, we encourage the kids to perform age appropriate activities such as cutting, coloring, building, and creating things.  This helps kids be creative, patient and develop coordination.

Reading and Story Telling:

We enjoy this time as much as the kids do.   Kids learn to listen, sit down and enjoy the power of the written words.


We take this responsibility very seriously and we dedicate a good portion of the day reinforcing concepts of sharing, treating others with respect, taking turns and building freindships.  We also spend time teaching kids how to recognize letters and numbers.  We take pride in the fact that all kids leave our facility ready for the next step (either Kindergarden or a larger Pre-K facility.